Intro Ordermation NC/CAM Hollow Metal ERP/MRP

Resource Planning

Resource planning systems are notoriously difficult to implement. This is particularly true for custom product lines.  Ordermation’s unique, multi-dimensional configurator can make the implementation of such a system as easy or even easier for a manufacturer of mass customized products as for a manufacturer of fixed bill products.

Ordermation handles all aspects of the process that require product specific expertise.  Ordermation produces a fully detailed multi-level bill of materials and routing for each order.  In then interacts with the planning software and enters the order in an easily managed, static form.  Ordermation will even create new items or methods in the planning system as required.  The order is represented in the planning system at whatever level of detail is desired.

Ordermation also provides cost effective, knowledgeable consulting to help guide customers through the entire process, from system selection, planning, testing, training, and deployment.  Ordermation personnel know what is required to avoid the pitfalls all too typical to such projects and to position a company for success.