Business Automation

DRI is the Leader in Custom Automation Software Solutions

No one knows how to handle the Microsoft Office suite better than we do, but no matter what software you run your business with we have the tools and experience to help you streamline your workflow and increase your efficiency.

You may have experienced the power that a well made macro can offer - turning time consuming, tedious, repetative tasks into a single button click.  DRI can provide world class macros for any need, but DRI knows how to take that power to another level, by integrating intelligent macros with our own external software.  We don't just automate parts of your operation, our focus is on the "big picture."  We specialize in enterpise level automation and information management.

Information automation provides a wide range of important direct and indirect benefits:

Automation also allows a company to recapture ownership of vital, proprietary information that is often distributed among many employees.  It protects this information while still supporting a rational approach to the analysis and improvement of product design, pricing and manufacturing methods.  It reduces the amount of detailed industry specific knowledge required to manage a niche company.  Automation can make your company both more secure and marketable.