Intro Ordermation NC/CAM Hollow Metal ERP/MRP


DRI started in a precision sheet metal shop.  Manufacturing is in our blood, and no one understands the intricacies of custom manufacturing with NC machines better than we do.  It was starting at the manufacturing level that gave us our unusual attention to detail, and it's our years of experience that has made us successful at automating proccesses that no other company has been able to automate.

We offer a world-class, multi-dimension configuration system that employs intelligent relationships and parametric design to automate the manufacturing of customizable products on almost any scale.  Not only can our system handle your machines with more efficiency and accuracy than you thought possible, our software integrates and automates your whole business.  From order entry and estimation, to shop documents and G-code, we have an integrated, modular, enterprise level automation system that can streamline your manufacturing business.