Intro Parametric Design Estimation G-code Conversion Nesting


Companies that produce any kind of customizable products have a very important, complicated, often costly and frequently overlooked hurdle to overcome: estimation.  Estimating the costs involved in a standardized product line is usually a matter of simple multiplication.  However, when dealing with a customizable product, every adjustable variable adds a new level of interdependent complexity.  Estimation can very quickly become an extremely time consuming, costly and highly inaccurate endeavor.  However, accurate estimation is absolutely vital for successful sales, customer satisfaction and a healthy bottom line.

When confronted with the challenges of estimation, most companies resort to broad generalizations.  This usually means leaving your customers' satisfaction and your bottom-line profits to chance.  If estimations prove inaccurate in either direction, someone is left dissatisfied.  That dissatisfaction is amplified when the generalizations used fail to provide meaningful explanations for the differences between estimated and actual costs.

DRI is proud to offer estimation methods that no other company can provide.  This is one of the many areas where our history with manufacturing gives us the advantage.  From day one, our software has been designed to handle every imaginable detail, explicitly.  Our world-class, multi-dimensional configuration software "understands" complex, interdependent relationships, without resorting to generalizations.  This means that our software can provide automated, precise estimation based on concrete, configurable data.  We can remove all manual effort from your estimation process, while drastically improving it's accuracy.  If there are differences between estimated and actual costs, our system will provide a comprehensive and explicit deviation report, explaining exactly where those differences originated.  DRI's software makes estimation easy, instantaneous, accurate and dependable.