Intro Parametric Design Estimation G-Code Conversion Nesting

G-Code Conversion

One of DRI's specialties is interfacing with legacy systems.  With over 30 years experience working with a large variety of companies, we've seen and worked with a huge variety of technologies.  We have embraced that technological diversity and become experts at helping companies move to newer technologies, without losing the time and information they have invested in their current systems.

 DRI recognizes that manufacturing companies often store a great deal of proprietary information in G-code.  Some companies have their entire product line described in G-code, but nowhere else.  This locks companies down to processes and machines that are destined to become outdated.  It also drastically limits a company's ability to optimize and error-check its manufacturing processes.

To deal with this problem, DRI created an extremely powerful tool: G-code conversion software.  Using your existing G-code, our software can generate clean geometry which can then be exported to the CAD program or NC machine of your choosing - all automatically!