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Parametric Design

One of the key ingredients in successfully integrating parametric design and manufacturing is experience.  The ability to identify consistent, predictable relationships within families of parts is something that we´ve been developing for many years.  A complete understanding of interdependencies in terms of part dimensions, materials, quantities, etc. can have significant cost-saving and error-reducing implications for most manufacturers, and can greatly shorten the product development cycle.  We can show you how to utilize this methodology in a way that will bring you great benefit.

Parametric design and fabrication, when used appropriately, is among the most powerful concepts in manufacturing today.  Numerous industries are based on the parametric model and can be highly automated by simply and intelligently applying its principles.  Parametric automation can improve almost every aspect of a business, from estimation to intelligent order entry, through design, manufacturing, NC programming, bill of material generation and more.

Many engineering departments continue to struggle with tedious and repetitive details of design which can be thoroughly automated through proper implementation of DRI's parametric approach.