Intro Ordermation NC/CAM Hollow Metal ERP/MRP


Custom manufacturing is an understandably complicated industry, involving a wide variety of machines with differing capabilities and flaws.  Something as basic as the quantity of an order can greatly effect the efficiency of one machine versus another.  Most jobs require multiple machines.  Orchestrating and managing the run of even a simple order can be a logistical nightmare.  Even experinenced manufacturers rarely run their machines as efficiently as possible.

DRI created Ordermation, a system so intelligent it can decide what machines to use for you.  From a single elevation our system can generate the necessary scripts to run any number of NC machines.  It can decide when to punch and when to contour.  It can decide what machines to run and when to run them, and with our nesting and optimization modules, it can make your machines run more efficiently than you dreamed possible.  Not only can our system make your business run more efficiently now, it also prepares you for the future, as new machines can be added into the system seamlessly.

Multiple Machines