Intro Ordermation NC/CAM Hollow Metal ERP/MRP


DRI offers the most comprehensive software package for automating custom manufacturing in the world - Ordermation.  At it's heart, Ordermation is a detail oriented, multi-dimensional configurator that can be adopted to almost any form of mass customized manufacturing.  Ordermation can manage complex relationships between parts, componants, machines and departments.  Once configured, Ordermation can manage and automate your entire business, from estimation and ordering, to manufacturing and shipping.  It can automatically generate forms, reports and shop documents.  It removes opportunities for error by eliminated redunant information entry and links your entire business together into one streamlined machine.  No other company offers a software package with the power and flexiblity of Ordermation to manage and automate customized manufacturing.  Here's some of what Ordermation and DRI can do for you:

Ordermation by Digital Resources, Inc.