Intro Ordermation NC/CAM Hollow Metal ERP/MRP

Hollow Metal

A Complete Solution

Capitalizing on our long experience with leading hollow metal door manufacturers, DRI has created a system which dramatically simplifies their engineering and manufacturing functions.  In fact, DRI has succeded in creating a complete automation software package for the hollow metal industry - something no other company can offer.  A complete system handles all aspects of hollow metal door manufacturing, including:

Parametric Design

The engineering package parametrically creates all of the drawings and NC programs for a variety of skins, jambs and mullions used in creating hollow metal doors, frames and borrowed lights.

Instant Drawings / Programs

Taking data from a computerized "take off" form fashioned after industry standards, the system creates dimensioned flat layouts, side views, intermediate formed views (such as the commonly required "hat section") and full 3-D models, if so desired.  All drawings are created instantly, requiring no human input. Drawings may be fully detailed forms consistent with existing shop drawings.

NC programs are also generated automatically using DRI's industry leading CAM programs for fabrication machines, including Punch press, Laser, Plasma, Waterjet and NC brake.

Cost Effective

Unlike parametric solutions based on systems costing tens of thousands of dollars a seat, our solution runs independently of CAD, requiring a seat only for certain sets of "specials". In such cases, AutoCAD may be used as the engineering and programming environment.

An Open System

The system is driven by industry-standard enterprise database technology, so the data and rules can be shared in all functions.  New CAD systems or other computer tools can be exploited as they become available. 

Because of this open, standardized approach, the customer is not locked into a specific CAD system.  Data can be accessed and maipulated by other applications as well.